Here's the result of how he looked a few hours after he was born (see images on the right).

I've never drawn a baby before, but as with anything related to drawing, I basically started with what I could see. I started with thin lines that could easily be erased or drawn over, and gradually added more detail as I felt I got things right, things such as shapes, proportions and positions of shadows. My previous exercises of the last few months have proven quite useful in getting most of the important stuff on paper in hardly an hour. I spent the next few days finishing up, and adding things like the blanket.

Instead of describing how I edited the sketch on the computer, I uploaded the before and after pictures, so you can spot the differences easily. I try to keep the original intact as much as possible, focusing mostly on contrast and crispness.

OK, that's it for now, there's an infant in need of care and nutrition!