Evabeast.com turns 20 years and is getting ready for a new chapter

May 19th, 2018 by

With great anticipation I can announce that the fourth incarnation of Evabeast.com has finally creeped upon internet. The place where we’ve been since 1998! Back when a lot of anime websites were using Flash intro animations, background music and impossible color combinations. When there was no such thing as HD resolution so you had to cram your entire website in a few hundred pixels. Nowadays we still have to because of the ubiquitousness of smartphones, and that’s actually one of the major design considerations of this current version of Evabeast.com, which is finally mobile friendly.

Out with the old and in with the new. When a website hits its third decade of lifespan you’ll see a lot of rebirths. For Evabeast this meant in 2009 letting go of the classic anime forums setup. This was the second incarnation that replaced a rather static and very old school nineties website about my favourite anime series at the time, Neon Genesis Evangelion. This featured the menacing Evangelion Unit 01 aka “The Beast”, hence the name of the site “Evabeast”. This version of Evabeast had a chaotic nature and covered not just anime news but also anime reviews, anime fansubs, anime galleries, etc. Just be like “all things anime”, right? It was a lot of fun.

Evabeast.com back in 2005
The second incarnation of Evabeast.com back in 2005, updated almost daily.

In 2009 due to – life happening – I took the website offline and figured it was over and done with. Of course after a few years the itch started again and so there came the second rebirth of Evabeast.com as a blog in 2013. This time the concept became greatly simplified, the plan was to write journalistic blog posts about anime news, do some anime episode recaps and try to regain a decent following.

In this period Evabeast hit social media as well, another thing that wasn’t really such a big thing before 2009 (yea, you had Myspace and some prehistoric version of Twitter…). Turns out social media actually transformed Evabeast, as with each passing social media update it became increasingly apparent that I wanted to focus on anime fan culture. Which is expressed in anime cosplay, anime inspired art, visiting anime conventions and of course by consuming anime and manga and reading news about it. There’s a great deal to admire about how anime fans can feel like themselves, while cosplaying a favourite character, showing off to the world that amazing costume they’ve been working on for weeks or months even. Or how awesome it is to see the creative work of a budding anime/manga artist pouring dozens if not hundreds of hours of work into a single pencil drawing or full coloured art piece.

So compared to the nineties and the noughties (2000-2010), when it comes to anime online the twenty-tens seems to be all about sharing your own anime inspired creations. By publishing your own work and getting rightful credit for it. So when I talked about social media changing Evabeast, I had this in mind. We want to celebrate these creative individuals inspired by Japanese animation/comics AKA anime/manga and become a platform that expands their reach as much as possible. When someone’s creation is epic, everyone needs to share in the awesome. Henceforth we’ll be dedicating this website to anime inspired art, anime cosplay, anime conventions and sprinkle some truly outstanding anime news on top. We’ve found our beat.

Ennio Wolsink is a Dutch ICT-entrepreneur, avid manga reader, anime watcher, Karate black belt and Japanese in spirit. He dreams of his own manga/anime productions.

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    I really miss those times. Full out eva fights and word association with dinoballz and spikewise. When fotodump was the place to be and times were good.

    (Henk “genki” Mulder)